Below you can hear what our customers say about their experience with effectmanager.

Mars 340x118 (1)Mars has become advisers to the customers
At Mars, they use effectmanager with POS-integration. This has improved their relationship with customers. Today sales consultants have the role of advisers instead of only selling products.

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Pernod_Ricard 340x118 (1)Pernod Richard got an overview of their business
At Pernod Richard, they use effectmanager to get rid of excel-sheets and align internal processes. This has provided them with a complete overview of promotions and their own business.

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RU 340x118 (1)Royal Unibrew creates added value for the retailers
At Royal Unibrew,  they use effectmanager to accommodate the growing demands of the retail industry. Combining POS data with promotion insight create even more value for their sales consultants and the chains. 

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Cocio 340x118 (1)Cocio improved their customer relation and optimized forecasting by 25%
To have a solid business and be a great business partner, you must know your customers’ business. We need to get closer to our customers and their business to become a better strategic business partner.” Jette Simonsen, Business Unit Manager, Cocio Chokolademælk A/S

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Peter Larsen 340x118 (1)
Peter Larsen Kaffe improved their total trade promotion business by 10%
After we started using effectmanger, we have improved our internal processes. Promotion meetings decreased the error margin by min 10 % compared to handling our promotion data in Excel." Morten Jensen, Business Unit Manager, Peter Larsen Kaffe

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Skovlyst 340x118 (1)Skovlyst improved their budgeting process
Using effectmanager we have gotten an overview of promotions and products across chains. Getting insight into our customer's business has improved the dialogue we have with our customers." Simon Jørgensen, CEO, Bryggeri Skovlyst

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Retail Partner ApS want to drive growth with effectmanager
At Retail Partner ApS, our expectations with this collaboration are, that effectmanager will help drive further growth now and in the future by becoming an integrated part of our business foundation, as we see effectmanager being the basis for evaluation and decisions.” Jesper Sødam Jensen, Country Sales Director, Retail Partner ApS


Fazer 340x118 (1)Fazer Denmark grew their category share index by over 40% for a customer 
“We are tracking our sales using the numbers from effectmanager. We do this, to have a hands-on approach with the sales out of the stores and how our sales index is progressing. By looking at the sales figures in our active categories we can increase our sales.” Thomas Christensen, National Field Sales Manager, Fazer Denmark

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