Below you can hear what our customers say about their experience with effectmanager.

Mars 340x118 (1)Mars has become advisers to the customers
At Mars, they use effectmanager with POS-integration. This has improved their relationship with customers. Today sales consultants have the role of advisers instead of only selling products.

Pernod_Ricard 340x118 (1)Pernod Richard got an overview of their business
At Pernod Richard, they use effectmanager to get rid of excel-sheets and align internal processes. This has provided them with a complete overview of promotions and their own business.

RU 340x118 (1)Royal Unibrew created added value for the retailers
At Royal Unibrew, uses effectmanager to accommodate the growing demands of the retail industry. POS reports have created added value for the Royal Unibrew sales consultants and the chains.

Cocio 340x118 (1)Cocio improved their customer relation and optimized forecasting by 25%
To have a solid business and be a great business partner, you must know your customers’ business. We need to get closer to our customers and their business to become a better strategic business partner.” Jette Simonsen, Business Unit Manager, Cocio Chokolademælk A/S

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