Here is how to improve your customer relationship and profits through Trade Promotion Management 📊📈

Product turnover with a sizeable revenue effortlessly grabs a buyer’s attention. The Double Profit Line optimizes the profit for both you and the retailer. By implementing our 10 steps, you will become a strategic adviser for your customer and build stronger relationships while improving your bottom line.

The Double Profit Line - 10 steps

Effectmanager is an online account management software solution designed to build trust and improve your relationship with your most valuable accounts through trade promotion management (TPM).

But don't just take our word for it. By using effectmanager, for the trade promotion management, Peter Larsen Kaffe has improved their total trade promotion business by more than 10%.

See how Peter Larsen Kaffe did it in the Business Case. 


Want to know more about how you can use our 10 steps for building stronger customer relationships and improve promotions profit by up to 5%?

Meet John, Key Account Manager from Juice Inc - watch our video and find out what we can do for you.

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