Aggregated data allows for more accurate forecasting

Create an accurate forecast and a solid financial budget by combining Baseline, sales in and sales out with your financials. With effectmanager, it is easy to make an estimate at any time at the level of wholesaler, banner, category or product. Adapting a process of continues promotion planning combined with updated prices and trade terms provides data for creating a more accurate forecast.

The reason effectmanager users improve their forecast is:

  1. Key Account Managers use accurate POS data to forecast future promotions
  2. The Baseline is automated based on POS data, trends and seasonality
  3. Promotions have accurate delivery dates and promotion dates

Promotions Sales

With effectmanager it is very easy for the Key Account Managers, or the one who does the promotion planning, to forecast the right volume during the promotion period. Helping improve your forecasting accuracy. 

Why promotion volumes are more accurate with effectmanager:

  1. Easy access to all historical promotion sales and price points
  2. Automatic integration of POS data on all completed promotions
  3. Adding price elasticity to your products gives the Key Account Manager and autogenerated forecast.
  4. Promotions volumes are stored on a daily level, and the delivery date and volumes can also be added.
Want to see how we helped Cocio optimize their forecast accuracy by 25%?
Here you can read the Cocio customer case.

Automatic Baseline calculations

Baseline calculations are very important to evaluate promotion uplift and estimate total future volumes and values. With automatic baseline calculations, effectmanager utilizes the aggregated data.

Effectmanager has made a unique algorithm to calculate an accurate baseline based on POS data or your own sales in data.

The raw baseline from historic data is calculated by deducting promotion sales and seasonality from the total sales. We calculated the future baseline by looking at the current trend and adding seasonality. This gives an accurate baseline without promotion sales.

Forecast including baseline and promotion sales are easily exported from Effectmanager to your own ERP, making the planning and estimates from sales seamless integrated to demand planning.

Sales own the full forecast and are responsible for the accurate expectations from the customers.

Financial Budgeting

When baseline and promotion forecasts are maintained and regularly updated by sales, it is very easy to make it into an accurate financial forecast.

Effectmanager provides a tool for optimizing your financial budget.

  1. You make sure your prices for all products and customers are updated.
  2. You make sure all the Trade terms and discounts are entered into Effectmanager.

With this information, you will be able to make a full P&L forecast or budget for a 12-month rolling period, or whatever period is needed.