We have been in business since 2010, serving local and global retail suppliers such as P&G, Pernod Ricard, Mars, Arla, and Royal Unibrew. The effectmanager solution elevates the relationship between the Key Account Manager on the supplier side and the Procurement Officer on the retail chain side to become a strategic partnership with a mutual objective; improving retail promotion profit.
“I believe that effectmanager can help remove the barriers between key account managers and customers, transforming the relationship into a strategic partnership based on mutual value creation.” – Jesper Drachmann - Chairman of the board

effectmanager increases trust between KAM and retail customers through effective planning, reporting, and evaluation, designed to optimize relationships with customers.

Founded in Denmark by a skilled team of former key account managers and buyers in FMCG globally, effectmanager is the leading SaaS retail account management solution.

"At effectmanager, it is deep in our DNA to be a serious, innovative, and competent business partner." - Jan Meldgaard - CEO effectmanager