When you get in touch with effectmanager, you get more than 10 years of experience with optimizing promotion profit for both the Supplier and the Retailer. The effectmanager solution elevates the relationship between the Key Account Manager on the supplier side and the Procurement Officer on the retail chain side to become a strategic partnership with a mutual objective of improving retail promotion profit.

Effectmanager was founded in Denmark in 2010 by a skilled team of former key account managers and buyers, with more than 25 years of experience, in FMCG. We serve local and global retail suppliers across Europe, such as Pernod Ricard, Mars, and Royal Unibrew, handling trade promotion and point of sales data.


Today, the effectmanager solution is a cloud-based software solution that can be accessed by users anywhere at any time, accessing unified data to utilize the double profit line and make profits soar.


Quote MarkI believe that effectmanager can help remove the barriers between key account managers and customers, transforming the relationship into a strategic partnership based on mutual value creation. Jesper Drachmann – Co-Founder & Chairman of the board



Peter Larsen Kaffe Improved their total trade promotion business by 10%

Quote MarkAfter we started using effectmanger, we have improved our internal processes. Promotion meetings decreased the error margin by min 10 % compared to handling our promotion data in Excel."  Morten Jensen, Business Unit Manager, Peter Larsen Kaffe