What is pos data? (Point of sales data) 

Easy reporting through PowerBI, Excel or online reports available through any browser.
effectmanager combines POS Data with own categorization and districts for the best evaluation on consumer behavior.  With POS Data from all major retailers in Scandinavia joined in one reporting tool, it is easy to get valuable data on consumer behavior.

Your Field Force get instant knowledge about in-store promotion and can easily build best case scenarios to help the retailer increase the sales, and utilize their full potential.

POS data from Excel or PowerBI

Track sales performance in each store each day through Excel or PowerBI.

Measure your performance on store or banner level or aggregate the result on a wholesale level to get the best overview of the performance in stores.

Utilize the same data as the retailers and help them improve consumer sales based on your analysis or insights.

Building trustworthy relationships with retailers using the same data as the retailer.  Building valuable insight on that data, combined with your detailed market knowledge and product expertise gives you a trustworthy relationship with the Retailers.

OOS & OSA tracking reports 

Improving sales is most like harvesting the lowest hanging fruits. Based on the 80/20 rule. Start by focusing on the 20% best stores, which generate approximately 80% of the turnover.

Ask your self, can I do any better in these stores? The answer is most likely yes!
Out Of Stock (OOS) during promotion periods is the first place to look for improving sales. Effectmanager gives you access to reports, that easily show you if a number of stores that did not sell the product on a given day in the promotion period.

On Shelf Availability (OSA) is another measure, because maybe the product was on stock, but did not sell because it was not placed on the shelves on time. Effectmanager gives good reporting tools to measure this.

Launch of new products

POS Data provides you with valuable information about how a new product is selling from the stores.

Without POS data you do not have insight into how a newly launched product is performing in stores.

POS data provides valuable information about :

  • Which district is selling the products best?
  • What is the share of stores, which are selling, why is the rest not selling?
  • By following the first 3-4 weeks closely you get valuable input on, how this product will perform over time, and how it is cannibalizing on your other products.

These insights allow you to build business cases for best practice to elevate sales in stores not performing with the new launch.