All data in one place – provides valuable insights

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No double input as all data is aggregated
in the effectmanager software solution for trade promotion management (TPM). This rids you of unmanageable data in different Excel-sheets and provides an easy account planning tool. The TPM planning process is optimized with a simple overview of all your promotions in one place.

Promotion Planning 

effectmanager provides an overview of completed, planned and confirmed promotions. It is very easy to plan a new promotion or copy an existing promotion.

Plan a new promotion in 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter promotion start and end date
  2. Add your trade spend
  3. Add products to the promotion

Approximately 45 new promotions per hour, is easy to plan after seeing some effectmanager introduction videos.

Plan new promotions based on existing successful promotions:
1 minute to copy past promotions and plan an entire year at once. When you copy the promotions the prices are automatically updated.

If there are changes to products or trade spends, it is easy to export a file, make all the changes and import your changes to the promotion plan.

Copy one successful promotion to several future periods in just one click.

Show customers a 12-month promotion plan, including profitability, to show them that you have their best interest in mind. Helping you build more trust and a better relationship with your customers.

Promotion Confirmed 

With a process of using the state confirmed, you make sure that you get the customer's confirmation in due time for Demand Planning to secure volumes. 

With accurate forecasts and timing from your customers, you can easily inform Demand planners and Field Force about your future promotions, and make sure you have accurate volumes available on stock.
Using the Promotion Confirmed state provides accurate delivery and promotion dates, which is an important insight for optimizing forecasting and demand planning. 

Promotion Completed

When a promotion is completed, you can easily add POS data and Tilbudsdata to evaluate the end result.

In effectmanager it is easy to make promotion reports for your customers, providing your customers with a complete overview of their profit.

Promotion reports for customers with a complete overview are provided by effectmanager.

Easy to evaluate promotions with the reports set up in effectmanager. This gives a complete overview of the P&L for both you and your customer – helping your focus on the double profit line. Get an overview of your completed promotions and their performance with the integration of POS data.

Integration with both internal and external data combined with automatic baseline calculations and P&L statements provides valuable insight into the budgeting process. With POS data and trade promotion management insights, you get a complete overview of the trade spending, investments, and profitability on each promotion.