Better insights & Better results​

Improve your ROI on trade promotions, optimize your forecasting, and offer your customers the right products at the right price. Our user-friendly software simplifies the consolidation of all your commercial data sources into a single platform​


Product overview

We empower brand owners with data-driven insights ​

At effectmanager, we have a deep understanding of both brand owners and retailers. Though years of experience, we have gained a firsthand understanding of their unique challenges, and we use this expertise to provide data-driven insights to empower business'.


Trade Promotion Management

In the retail industry,  Trade promotions are often used by retailers to drive traffic to their stores and encourage larger purchases. However, for brand owners, these promotions can be very expensive...

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Trade Promotion Optimization

Retailers today are seeking strong partnerships with brand owners who can act as good business analysts, share market insights, drive the category, and use data to optimize investment to drive traffic...

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Intelligent Data Analysis

You may have access to many commercial data sources, which can lead to data overload. However, it can be challenging to know how to benefit from all the data and how to combine it effectively...

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The effectmanager results

Optimize your relationships. Achieve stronger cooperation. Increase retail promotion budgets.


More time for analysis and planning


Better earnings in the promotion profit


Better forecasting accuracy